Amazon is more than just a trusted business to meet your personal product fulfillment needs; Amazon is a dependable source for nearly all of your essential professional supplies and equipment.

Medical Equipment Pros has indexed all essential medical equipment and supplies for you in one easy-to-navigate place without the distraction of non-medical items.  Medical Equipment Pros is designed to be both a time saver as well as easily navigable for busy professionals and their associates.

Amazon makes it possible – MedicalEquipmentPros makes it easy with a touchscreen friendly design!

Professional Medical and Health Care products fulfilled by Amazon require an Amazon Business account and Health Care license.

Registering your Amazon Business account is very fast and easy

Sign up for Amazon Business

It takes just a few minutes. Create your Amazon Business account here and provide your information. Go to the Manage Your Business page. Go to the “Add licenses” line and click on “Add.”

What you’ll need

Just enter your Amazon Business account, add your license type, state license number, the licensee name and organization type. Click here to see if the program is available in your state.
Try us out!  Then, look at your costs on the same items the month before from a myriad of your other current local suppliers.  They’ve been charging you outrageous prices for years.  The days of paying exorbitant prices just because you are a medical professional are over.  Amazon fulfillment is not just for home anymore.